Mountain Climbers are Mental Climbers


“Escape for your life! Do NOT look back or stop ANYWHERE in the valley. Escape to the mountains or you WILL be swept away!” ~ Genesis 19:17

Being on a mountaintop provides such majestic views and it also allows you to see just how small the elements of the valley and the valley itself are in comparison to the mountain.

On our first visit to the North Carolina mountains from the beaches of South Florida, we fell in love immediately.  We stayed in a quaint, beautiful cabin that captured the panoramic mountain views.  As a family, we eagerly set out for the picturesque hikes around us and were consistently in awe by them.  We climbed nearby mountains, without much reluctance because we were on vacation.  We were tourists like many others travelling at that time.  During our climb we would keep the mountaintop in sight and encourage one another and ourselves to press on so we can take in the view. We were excited to conquer the mountain and capture the view from the top.  Each day we returned to our cozy cabin in the mountains, grateful for the climb, grateful for the view.

Mountain climbers are mental climbers; “Where the mind goes the man will follow.”  The word, “climb” is defined as follows:

  1.  to rise slowly by or as if by continued effort:
  2.  to ascend, go up, or get to the top of, especially by the use of the hands and feet or feet alone or by continuous or strenuous effort

Like the journey from the valley up the mountain; it’s a decision of ascension and requires continued effort on your part.  You have to choose to mentally climb out of the valley.  Your decision will either keep you in the valley or climbing that mountain.  Is the valley a true way of life? Valley is defined as:

  •  a long depression in the land surface, usually containing a river formed by erosion or by movements in the earth’s crust

The valley is a picture of a depression in which the flooding of recent or past hurts and experiences erode at us if we stay in it too long. The mental ascent must begin so that you are not consumed by negative thoughts. A scientific fact:

“87% to 95% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. What we think about affects us physically and emotionally. It’s an epidemic of toxic emotions.” (Dr. Caroline Leaf,

The more you dwell, the more you steer your mind, heart and attitude in a negative or positive direction.   The enemy uses our past and what he has tried to destroy in our lives and projects that into our future.  With this unnecessary “baggage” the burden becomes too much to bear for many of us and we then label ourselves; unable to move forward. 

There are 5 truths about this verse that we must heed if we want to move forward.

1.  “Escape for your life!” With the conscious decision to create new memories and the belief in God’s promise:

 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” ~Jeremiah 29:11

2.  “Do NOT look back or stop ANYWHERE in the valley.” It’s a temporary place.  It’s not meant for you to set up camp and live in it.

3.  If you want to get out of the valley; you have to mentally prepare yourself for the climb up the mountain no matter how big your mountain is.

4.  You don’t sit in the valley mulling over your past mistakes or hurts or you’ll get swept away. You’ll lose yourself and never really live.

5.  It takes the climb OUT of the valley and UP the mountain and this takes work on your end. BUT it’s well worth it.

 So, now that you chose to be a mental climber; you now can be the mountain climber.  What does a climber need for the climb?

 1.  A climber needs to prepare for mental attacks; so begin dwelling on motivating truths of the Word.  Whether it’s a praise song, a prayer, or verses – let God’s Spirit guide you into the truth He feels about you.

 2.  A climber needs to be strong and fit for the climb. So, workout your weak areas in strength of the Spirit.

 3.  A climber needs the right gear to weather the rough terrain and varying types of weather. So, put your armor on.

 4.  A climber needs refreshing.  A climber needs food to sustain himself in the climb. Refresh your spirit with the washing of the water by the word. Nourish yourself with the Bread of Life. 

 5.  And when you reach the mountaintop and you WILL, you’ll be singing God’s praises for the climb!

Welcome to the TOP Mountain Climber!

“One can’t see past a mountain from its base, BUT once climbed it will provide new and wonderful views!”

Climb that mountain!

“Vision is at its most insightful when great obstacles have been conquered”

Your friend,



About Laurie Popovich, Pops of Life

Hi! So, happy you stopped by. Stick around while I tell you a little bit about me and my journey. I’m a daughter to Spanish parents and a sister, too! That means I love family, hugs, to share my 2 cents, music, dancing, flavorful foods & coffee. I’m a wife, twice to the same man, in a thrice redeemed marriage. I love deeply because I know no other way and it has filled my life with hope. I’m a believer of the impossible. I’m a mom of 5 beautiful and full of life blessings; but was only supposed to have one. You see, I had cancer; given 6 months to live when our first and daughter was 2. They’re a product of the impossible. I’m a homeschool mom who didn’t think she could teach: first, at all then, at different levels, different styles. I teach in what in my mind was the impossible. I’ve walked through many trials; some that have taken my life in many aspects, including literally. I have overcome the impossible. I’m a spiritual sister and friend. I love to share and encourage others in life to live the impossible. I’m a daughter of the King; a powerful Creator and Redeemer of the impossible – me - and I can be impossible  I love to…love people…encourage others…being a student of life and the impossible …laugh at myself… journal my hopes & dreams & pray to make them a reality… journal my fears & seek to turn them into victories…eat chocolate…cook for many & watch them enjoy the food & fellowship…go against the grain because you never know what blessing is there waiting for you…flirt with my husband openly because I’m in love…squeeze our 5 blessings often because I’m grateful & amazed by them…say sorry often because I make mistakes, stress & well, I’m a mess at times…I run to clear my head…and…I run to God because He’s my source of strength, hope, and love. I’m not where I was and I’m not where I’m yet going to be; I’m under construction deeply desiring to enjoy the journey. I know you have a unique and exciting one too, and I can’t wait to learn and enjoy the journey with you! Grateful, Laurie
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