It’s Time to Unselfie the “Selfie”

 “Let your light so shine before men so that they see your good works,

and praise your Father who is in the heavens.”

Matthew 5:16

Selfies.  The Urban Dictionary defines it this way:

“A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website. You can usually see the person’s arm holding out the camera in which case you can clearly tell that this person does not have any friends to take pictures of them so they resort to Myspace to find internet friends and post pictures of themselves, taken by themselves. A selfie is usually accompanied by a kissy face or the individual looking in a direction that is not towards the camera.”

We are a world drowning in self made issues. Everywhere we turn self is exalted, and destroying the moral and spiritual fabric of our nation and world.  The satisfying of self has poisoned our minds, stifled our hearts, and has sadly influenced the ever increasing growth of the list below. It’s  clear to see where God has been replaced, and/or removed, and the devastating affects this has had on the world.

  • From Others Centered and Sexual Prudence to Selfies and Sexting
  • From Human Helping to Human Trafficking
  • From Compassion to Bullying and Violence
  • From Morality to Immorality
  • From Life to Abortion
  • From Illegal to Now Legal Drugs
  • From Personal Privacy and Self Respect to Voyeurism  and Exhibitionism
  • From Loyalty to Adultery
  • From Humanitarianism to Commercialism
  • From Inner Beauty and Godly Virtues to Cosmetic Surgery  and Vanity

Society and the world have made billions of dollars on the “self” movement.  Believers and unbelievers alike are guilty.  Churches use their money to gratify self by buying into the worldly and social desires of the flocks they shepherd in an effort to keep them.  The world is constantly in our face telling us what to look like, how to look like, how to behave, what to say, who to follow, what to like/dislike, what to have, how to be happy, etc. The “self” movement has become a cancer to the once moral and core values of this nation in which the Bible was founded upon. The enemy has done a tremendous work turning our hearts from God to self, and he has had much success in doing so. By focusing on selfies and self, we have become desensitized to the needs of the world, small and large that we are individually a part of on a daily basis.



A few weeks ago I was touched by an article in the newspaper – local ministries needing donations.  They listed the names of the ministries, the material needs, the financial needs, and the volunteers needed to manage them.  The veracity of the vital needs of these ministries paled in comparison to the consuming “selfie” and self movement.  It’s not hard to come to this conclusion as that was only a small section of the newspaper in comparison to the many ads on plastic surgery, sales, celebrity news, and immoral views. God is not impressed with your self imposed accolades.  He is not impressed by the number of “Likes,” “Retweets,” or “Vines” on your accounts. God cares about the deposits you have made into the lives of others. This is the “Big Picture.” It begs the question, “Do you have what they need?”  You do.

We were all created by God for a purpose. Each with their own unique gift from the hand of God to be used purposefully for good works in the world.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Messiah unto good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”  ~Ephesians 2:10

The world does not have an eternal focus.  It has a self focus and that has and will never change.  Real change begins when the believer accepts their calling and moves into action for a greater purpose, the eternal purpose.  You were not put on this earth to satisfy and gratify self.  You were put on this earth to help make it a better place through God’s love, light, and power in your unique gift.  We have become so busy with technology and “selfies” that we have lost the precious treasure of personal relationships and being the gifts we were meant to be to each other.  Material gifts and sensationalism, and the over abundance of them, are not what life and this season is about.  The real gift is the giving of yourself to others through perpetual acts of kindness, acts of service, and acts of unselfishness.  These are the gifts that make the world a better place.

We all play a part in our community.  We can choose to exist and take up space, or we can choose to make a difference in them.  A believer should not have to think long and hard on the last time they performed an act of service to someone near or far.  We should not be so busy with life that we forget to stop and help those in need with simple things; unloading of groceries, holding a door open, saying please and thank you, giving up a seat for the elderly, letting a car go before you, or take the parking spot.  We should not be so busy that we don’t take the time to pray with and for fellow believers, write a letter, make a meal, give a word of encouragement, help a neighbor/friend/family member with their yard or home project, or volunteer in your community.  We should not be so busy that we forsake relationship and time spent with our friends, families, and loved ones for social media. It is not hard to find and meet a need. There are daily opportunities if we would just seize them. These are just a few practical examples, many of which have become faint kindnesses in a world that was once less consumed with self.  They don’t cost a thing, only your time.

As I have challenged my family, I challenge you to shine your light and unself the self.  Get the focus and light off of you and be purposeful.  Pray for God to show you the needs in your immediate families and community and take action.  Pray to have a heart for what touches the heart of God.  Finally, let’s purpose to make 2014 a year of the unselfie!

You are loved,



About Laurie Popovich, Pops of Life

Hi! So, happy you stopped by. Stick around while I tell you a little bit about me and my journey. I’m a daughter to Spanish parents and a sister, too! That means I love family, hugs, to share my 2 cents, music, dancing, flavorful foods & coffee. I’m a wife, twice to the same man, in a thrice redeemed marriage. I love deeply because I know no other way and it has filled my life with hope. I’m a believer of the impossible. I’m a mom of 5 beautiful and full of life blessings; but was only supposed to have one. You see, I had cancer; given 6 months to live when our first and daughter was 2. They’re a product of the impossible. I’m a homeschool mom who didn’t think she could teach: first, at all then, at different levels, different styles. I teach in what in my mind was the impossible. I’ve walked through many trials; some that have taken my life in many aspects, including literally. I have overcome the impossible. I’m a spiritual sister and friend. I love to share and encourage others in life to live the impossible. I’m a daughter of the King; a powerful Creator and Redeemer of the impossible – me - and I can be impossible  I love to…love people…encourage others…being a student of life and the impossible …laugh at myself… journal my hopes & dreams & pray to make them a reality… journal my fears & seek to turn them into victories…eat chocolate…cook for many & watch them enjoy the food & fellowship…go against the grain because you never know what blessing is there waiting for you…flirt with my husband openly because I’m in love…squeeze our 5 blessings often because I’m grateful & amazed by them…say sorry often because I make mistakes, stress & well, I’m a mess at times…I run to clear my head…and…I run to God because He’s my source of strength, hope, and love. I’m not where I was and I’m not where I’m yet going to be; I’m under construction deeply desiring to enjoy the journey. I know you have a unique and exciting one too, and I can’t wait to learn and enjoy the journey with you! Grateful, Laurie
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