You are Faithful in the Wilderness

While we rejoice in the good news at the unexpected blessings in her pelvic surgery yesterday, the time afterwards, through the night, and some this morning was met with some challenges.  We know this is a journey, and because God is faithful to bring this to the forefront of our mind, we never underestimate the darts/attacks by the enemy throughout the day, especially for AJ.

When I first saw her in the trauma room following her accident, God impressed upon my heart in how to encourage her to get through those moments when she wouldn’t see us because she was being cared for, in surgery, therapy, etc.  As a believer, the suffering and healing you do is in the wilderness where no one else is present, but you and God Himself.  This world is so chaotic, and our days are often so full that we literally don’t know how to take the time to calm ourselves down, listen, and trust and believe that God IS with us.  So, when an unexpected trial comes, we react as we see others react.  But, when you’re a believer, and you’ve been walking for some time with Him, you know that God takes you to the wilderness away from the chaos, and strengthens your inner man as you cry out to Him. There is no one else, but you and Him. So, you grab on to the truths you that you learned and know that the Spirit of God is so faithful to quicken to our hearts and minds, and you repeat them if you have to all the while breathing in the breaths that give you life through Him.

At one point she had hinted that she got her strength from me because of the trials I had been through and survived. I told her, “No, I was weak and in my countless moments of weakness I cried out to God, and He was faithful to strengthen my inner man.” You see, when our inner man gets strengthened then, our physical man gets the message that life can and will go on -and, it does.

You. Can. Move. On.  You need to move on, we all do. 

I encouraged her that it’s God in her that strengthens her, the same God that strengthened me in my trials.

So, we had a challenging night and many visits by the doctors this morning. Physical therapy came in and she asked us to leave her with them, alone.  It made my heart smile because I know that she has accepted God’s hand and leading into the wilderness.  She now understands that God is in the wilderness with her and He is her source of strength. As I was witnessing her pain yesterday, and talked with her while she went through pain this morning, I shared with her what God dropped in my spirit and I shared on the Twitter platform,

“Not all pain is meant to be taken away. For in it we find great strength of our inner man to endure what we thought we couldn’t #Survivor”

God is the only One who can strengthen the inner man. She may take a pain medication to help the pain subside, but strength cannot be taken from something or someone. It has to be received and personally exercised sometimes on a moment to moment basis like AJ, or day to day.  We sit in confidence knowing and grateful that her source of strength is in Him as it needs to be. I do not take pride in how I witness God holding her up and strengthening her through this, not at all. I, as Joel so clearly expressed, am impressed and awed by what God is doing through her because only He can do what no man, medicine, or coping mechanism can and that’s more than OK for us. AJ is learning to rely on Him, and she will now know that nothing and no one else can ever give her that peace, love, care, comfort, and faith – it’s ALL in God. He has, is, and will continue to give her everything she needs and then some in this process.  I am eternally grateful for His faithfulness in the best care for her physically, but more importantly mentally, emotionally, and spiritually which makes up a better part of the challenges we face in life. The physical is minor compared to the rest.

Pelvic Surgery Update

  • Surgery went well, one rod or pin that goes straight across to hold her pelvis in place.
  • She will be up to 3 months in a wheelchair as she cannot put any pressure on her feet.
  • She will be able to come home from the hospital as she will not be able to do rehab until she is given the OK to put pressure on her legs and feet.
  • They have taken her off of the pain pump, and she is being encouraged to take pain meds as needed. So far, she has done really well with it.
  • She will need ramps put in at our home to help her move around freely in and out of the home.

De-Gloving – Hand/Arm Wound Update

  • Her surgery is scheduled for sometime tomorrow afternoon at around 4:30 – 5pm.
  • We are not sure how long it is going to take.
  • Originally, they said that the “flap” would be taken from her thigh area, but now it has been changed to her forearm or the same arm.
  • They changed it to this area because it has an artery that can be used in the arm.
  • A skin graft will be taken from her hip area to cover the removal of the flesh in her forearm, and that is expected to have some pain in the hip area; like a really bad “raspberry” or “Charlie Horse.”  Her skin will be meshed over in that area.
  • Concerns during this surgery and recovery are:

             1.  The rotation and possible kinking of blood vessels as they perform the procedure, and after they sew it up. They will need to monitor her to ensure that this does not happen.

             2.  Her wound area will receive the flesh of her forearm and that it won’t deaden and it oxygenates well.

If all goes well, she is looking at 5 days of recovery time.  Please pray with us and agree that all will go well in this process!

Neurosurgeons – L2 Vertebrae Fracture

  • This injury is expected to heal on its own.
  • She was given a TLSO back brace a.k.a. “turtle shell” to help provide support and stability if she is up anywhere past a 35 degrees angle.
  • They will be doing x-rays for her at a 90 degrees angle to ensure that it aligns well and is not messing with her spinal cord. We were told that at the point of the L2 fracture is where the spinal cord controls the body from the waist below; going to the bathroom, movement, walking, etc.
  • She will have to use the turtle shell for 6 weeks to ensure healing in that area.

Physical Therapy Began Today

  • Physical therapy went better than expected, and they said she did beautifully – “she’s a fighter and a delight.”
  • She has some soreness on the shoulder area of her wounded hand/arm, but she bent her arm at the elbow and moved it around!
  • She bent both of her legs at the knees, and moved them slightly up and down while laying on the bed.
  • Her therapists said that she did “log rolls,” they were able to get her turtle shell on, and say her up on the side of the bed; feet dangling!
  • They will be back to work with her more the day after her de-gloving surgery.


As I reflect on how far she has come in such a short span of time, I am reminded that God is real and present in every detail and moment of our lives. She is putting her trust and faith in Him, and they are such an awe-inspiring tag team to watch. We are blessed that she is being strengthened in her inner man that her outer man is made just as strong, little by little.

Once again, thank you all for your love, prayers, and support. To our close family and friends, you might be getting a text from me soon! Thank you for sharing in the amazing story and miracle that is AJ. God is faithful to have saved His daughter to inspire so many others that with Him, the impossible is truly accomplished and our days are filled with countless miracles!

~Laurie for PopTribe and #TeamAniyah

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  1. Shelby warren says:

    So happy to hear progress has been made and once again we serve an awesome God.

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