Gratitude and Love Video from AJ! Going Home!!! =)

AJ’s Progress and New News

  • In the past couple of days we have learned that AJ also suffered some chest fractures.
  • Her wound vac came off this morning and her hand/arm is in a splint. =)
  • Therapy on her hand will begin gradually and increase.
  • Her incisions are all healing well. There is still pain present, but God has been faithful in getting her through the pain.
  • She will be doing home health care/therapy at home for a while to help her gain strength as she progresses.
  • SHE GOES HOME TODAY!!! She/we will be happy to sleep uninterrupted, and be in familiar surroundings!


For those who still want to keep in touch with AJ, and send her cards, etc. – here is the address:

Aniyah “AJ” Popovich

PO Box 898

Lincolnton, NC 28093

Thank you all for being on this incredible journey with us. We look forward to seeing you all and embracing in the joy of it all!

~Laurie for the PopTribe, #TeamAniyah


About Laurie Popovich, Pops of Life

Hi! So, happy you stopped by. Stick around while I tell you a little bit about me and my journey. I’m a daughter to Spanish parents and a sister, too! That means I love family, hugs, to share my 2 cents, music, dancing, flavorful foods & coffee. I’m a wife, twice to the same man, in a thrice redeemed marriage. I love deeply because I know no other way and it has filled my life with hope. I’m a believer of the impossible. I’m a mom of 5 beautiful and full of life blessings; but was only supposed to have one. You see, I had cancer; given 6 months to live when our first and daughter was 2. They’re a product of the impossible. I’m a homeschool mom who didn’t think she could teach: first, at all then, at different levels, different styles. I teach in what in my mind was the impossible. I’ve walked through many trials; some that have taken my life in many aspects, including literally. I have overcome the impossible. I’m a spiritual sister and friend. I love to share and encourage others in life to live the impossible. I’m a daughter of the King; a powerful Creator and Redeemer of the impossible – me - and I can be impossible  I love to…love people…encourage others…being a student of life and the impossible …laugh at myself… journal my hopes & dreams & pray to make them a reality… journal my fears & seek to turn them into victories…eat chocolate…cook for many & watch them enjoy the food & fellowship…go against the grain because you never know what blessing is there waiting for you…flirt with my husband openly because I’m in love…squeeze our 5 blessings often because I’m grateful & amazed by them…say sorry often because I make mistakes, stress & well, I’m a mess at times…I run to clear my head…and…I run to God because He’s my source of strength, hope, and love. I’m not where I was and I’m not where I’m yet going to be; I’m under construction deeply desiring to enjoy the journey. I know you have a unique and exciting one too, and I can’t wait to learn and enjoy the journey with you! Grateful, Laurie
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