Soulful Sunday: Angels in Disguise

I don’t know how He does it. I don’t know how to explain the timing, the order of events, the divine intersection of lives in times of need; or in my case, in a time before a great need.

Before coming to know and have a relationship with God, I would have called them coincidences.

But, they’re not.

It can’t be a coincidence to have overwhelming peace and comfort fill you up the second morning of your daughter’s 12 day stay in the hospital.

No, it was not a coincidence.

Some have called it a God-incidence. To be honest, I prefer that choice of the two. But for me, it was God sending His angels to minister in our time of need.

Flashback to two weeks before AJ’s accident, my oldest son accompanied me to my youngest son’s neurological appointment. Afterwards, we went to fill my youngest son’s prescription in the same building.

“There’s a Starbucks upstairs and down the hall if you like coffee,” said the pharmacist, “Your prescription will be filled within 20 minutes.”  Both of my sons looked at me with a big smile and took off for the stairs as I lagged behind them.

I walked up to the counter and ordered our drinks and out of the corner of my eye, I found that both of my sons had made friends with two hospital workers, in their scrubs, at the table beside ours.

Ernie with his assistant, Laura, and AJ in her last days at the hospital.

The two hospital workers, in their scrubs, that sat beside us a couple of weeks before AJ’s accident. Ernie with his assistant, Laura, and AJ in her last days at the hospital.

“God saved me, you know. I had a brain tumor and He took it out. See?” He turned himself around and showed them his battle scar. My oldest chimed in to explain his younger brother’s story from the beginning. I sat down to join them and the questions followed,

“Are these your only two?”

“No, I have five.”

“Five, Wow! What are their ages?”

“19, 12, 10, 7, and 5”

“There’s a gap between the first two.”

“Yes. I married, had a child, separated, divorced, remarried, and had four more… with the same man.”

My oldest son chimed in again to explain the whole story, our family’s testimony. Yet, another God story to the same two people within 15 minutes. Soon the gentleman was teaching my boys some simple magic tricks and all four of them were exchanging silly jokes like old friends.  We spent more than 20 minutes with them and we truthfully would have spent more if I didn’t have to be home.

“You made our day! It was so great to meet all of you. You have wonderful kids.”

“Thank you and thank you for being such a blessing to us! We enjoyed our time with you!”

Heart connections made.

Divine connections made.

I did mention that we shared our God stories, but here was the the real God story for us…

Fast forward to the morning of the second day of AJ’s hospital stay, I stand looking on at our daughter, still trying to process the miracles and the traumas.  He walks in her room, the hospital worker in his scrubs – Walks. Into. Our. Daughter’s. Room.

I immediately recognize him. Divine connection.

He looks over at me and says, “The mom of the two boys!” Heart connection.

He points over to AJ, “Yours?”

“Yes, our oldest.” I whispered with too many emotions stirring inside of me and tears beginning to stream down my face.

The comfort and peace God gave me in that moment was indescribable. I was speechless and overwhelmed at His love and detailed care for us. I was overwhelmed at the fact that He caused two worlds to collide in His light and love just a couple of weeks before her accident.

We met up with Ernie at our first divine appointment spot. Tal and AJ pictured here with their friend and angel, Ernie.

We met up with Ernie at our first divine appointment spot. Tal and AJ pictured here with their friend and angel, Ernie.

Our family knew of this angel, we call him, the day we first met him because our sons told his jokes, shared his magic tricks, and confessed that they had made a new friend at the hospital.

We have since met up with Ernie and have kept in contact with him. Some might say that because he met our family previously that this was the reason why he showed up often to check on and care for our daughter. We were all comforted each time we saw him. We believe that his gentle and loving care was an answer to our prayer,

“God, care for her through the hearts, hands, and feet of those You choose as if it were You.”

That’s what God’s angels do for us. They care and watch over us bringing us comfort and peace in our time of need.

The heart connection was immediately transferred and sown between AJ and Ernie that second morning. The divine connection of care, comfort, and peace took root soon after in her heart. These were the kind of memories that we held and continue to hold on to as we remember that God sends His angels to minister to us in our times of need.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” ~Hebrews 13:2

We never know when we will meet them or need them, but God does and He sends them to us in our times of need. They may cross your path for a moment or a season, but they fulfill the assignments God has for them in our lives. We have been blessed with many angels, some we consider our family in God. We have learned to boldly ask God for more divine appointments in our day. We can choose to be bold and open ourselves up to His gifts and blessings in our day, or be closed in mind and sight to them. We pray that you would open yourselves up to be blessed to triumph in your day and/or in your trials with God and His angels. They will always leave you better than you were before they came, and who doesn’t want that?




About Laurie Popovich, Pops of Life

Hi! So, happy you stopped by. Stick around while I tell you a little bit about me and my journey. I’m a daughter to Spanish parents and a sister, too! That means I love family, hugs, to share my 2 cents, music, dancing, flavorful foods & coffee. I’m a wife, twice to the same man, in a thrice redeemed marriage. I love deeply because I know no other way and it has filled my life with hope. I’m a believer of the impossible. I’m a mom of 5 beautiful and full of life blessings; but was only supposed to have one. You see, I had cancer; given 6 months to live when our first and daughter was 2. They’re a product of the impossible. I’m a homeschool mom who didn’t think she could teach: first, at all then, at different levels, different styles. I teach in what in my mind was the impossible. I’ve walked through many trials; some that have taken my life in many aspects, including literally. I have overcome the impossible. I’m a spiritual sister and friend. I love to share and encourage others in life to live the impossible. I’m a daughter of the King; a powerful Creator and Redeemer of the impossible – me - and I can be impossible  I love to…love people…encourage others…being a student of life and the impossible …laugh at myself… journal my hopes & dreams & pray to make them a reality… journal my fears & seek to turn them into victories…eat chocolate…cook for many & watch them enjoy the food & fellowship…go against the grain because you never know what blessing is there waiting for you…flirt with my husband openly because I’m in love…squeeze our 5 blessings often because I’m grateful & amazed by them…say sorry often because I make mistakes, stress & well, I’m a mess at times…I run to clear my head…and…I run to God because He’s my source of strength, hope, and love. I’m not where I was and I’m not where I’m yet going to be; I’m under construction deeply desiring to enjoy the journey. I know you have a unique and exciting one too, and I can’t wait to learn and enjoy the journey with you! Grateful, Laurie
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